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Powerbuilder json parser
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    Pure Powerbuilder script tool to parse json

  sailjson is a none visual user object for powerbuilder. This demo writted in Powerbuilder 9.

You can free download sailjson and use it, but please keep the site address mark in script.

Sailjson:from www.pblsoft.com
Please reserve this information

Release date:2016-6-27
Fixed bug of read string which include "\".

Release date:2016-1-9
Fixed bug to parse pure array like "[1,2,3,4]" json string.

Release date:2016-1-1
Add function to parse array of string or number,not only the object

sailjson provide follow functions to parse json data.

//the four function to parse json data and get values

public function string parse (string as_json)
public function integer getarray (string itemname, ref any va[])
public function boolean isarray (any value)
public function any getattribute (string itemname)

//this function to display json format in treeview
public subroutine buildtree (treeview atree, long handle, integer aobjectpcxidx, integer aarraypcxidx, integer aitempcxidx)

//the four function modify json data structure and get json data
public subroutine setattribute (string as_name, any aa_value)
public function any addarrayitem (string arrayname)
public function any addobject (string objname)
public function string getformatjson (string ident) //if ident='', will get packed json data

Please down load the demo to see details using.


Example Scripts

Example json data:

    "version": "1001",
    "header": {
        "count": 3,
        "comment": "items count"
    "data": [
            "colid": 1,
            "colname": "aaaaaa",
            "coladdr": ""
            "colid": 2,
            "colname": "bbbbbbbb",
            "coladdr": null
            "colid": 3,
            "colname": "cccccc"
    "creattime": "20150213.084829"

demo powerbuilder script to parse the json data:

//this demo script parse the json data
sailjson json, ljson

string ls_json, ls

ls_json = '{"version":"1001","header":{"count":3,"comment":"itemscount"},"data":[{"colid":1,"colname":"aaaaaa","coladdr":""},{"colid":2,"colname":"bbbbbbbb","coladdr":null},{"colid":3,"colname":"cccccc"}],"creattime":"20150213.084829"}'

json = create sailjson

json.parse( ls_json )

//get version
ls = json.getattribute( 'version')
//get header, header is an object in json data
ljson = json.getattribute('header')
ls = string(ljson.getattribute('count'))
ls = ljson.getattribute('comment')

integer i,li_count
any larray[]

//get data, data is array of objects
li_count = json.getarray( 'data', larray)
for i = 1 to li_count
    ljson = larray[i]
    ls = string(ljson.getattribute( 'colid'))
    ls = ljson.getattribute( 'colname')
    if isnull(ljson.getattribute( 'coladdr') ) then
        ls = 'null'
        ls = ljson.getattribute( 'coladdr')
    end if

ls = json.getattribute( 'createtime')

//to display json format in treeview
integer handle

handle = tv_1.insertitemfirst(0, 'root', 2)
json.buildtree( tv_1, handle, 2,3,1)
tv_1.expanditem( handle)

destroy json

Copyright (C) 2007-2010 pblSoft software, all rights reserved.