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Sailora            --PL/SQL Developer Plug-Ins    



SailOra is a Plug-Ins for PL/SQL Developer.

It include IDE extends functions and special tools for developers.

The page was in building......

If you have any question, please contact me.



download free ver0.60(Beta)

download free ver0.60(Beta 64Bit)


  • The knowledge base.,Allows you to easily store and retrieve frequently used code.  ...
  • IDE extends...
  • ...
  • ...



Version update


  • Add windows 64Bit dll for plsql dev 64bit
  • Fixed bugs.


  • Add function "Field<->Values position" which can position table column name and its value in SQL like follow statement
  • "Insert into ta(f1,f2,f3) values('a1','a2,3)"
  • "Insert into ta(f1,f2,f3) select 'a1','a2,3 from dual"
  • "update ta set (f1,f2,f3) = (select 1,2,3 from dual)"
  • "select f1, f2, f3 into v1, v2, v3 from ta".....


  • Fix bug:"Layout page" can not add items
  • Fix bug:SQLBook store large text script with unexpect code in tail.


  • Add function "Generate FusionChart" and "tns_lang list set"


  • Add function "Generate FusionChart"


  • Add function "Data Explorer"


  • Release
Help Contents


WindowsList Options

In the page [WindowsList Options], there is seven types can be colorized. Select one type, and define its font from right options.

You can define font style(bold or italic) and font color. Double click panel, it will popup color dialog to select.

Default button will set font to main font of pl/sql developer.

Advance button will call font dialog to set font properties.

Editor Settings

HighLight Background Color: You can set Highlight color by double click "Double Click" region.

Enabled "if then...end if" checkbox: If the checkbox in checked status, then after you input "then" in "if ... then" statement, Editor will auto append "end if;" on the next line left align with "if". This is almost same like "autoreplace" of pl/sql developer but follow diffrent.

1. Start replace after "if" or "then".

2. Append "end if;" left align with "if" or "then".

Close all windows with Confirm:If you feel anoyned with "do you want save" dialog when you close pl/sql developer program, you can use sailora function "Close all fast" to close the program. But if you want to know if it has things need to save or not, check the box will show you a dialog once to confirm if it need to save.


Save Current

If you want to save current SQL or scripts of Editor, you can use this function.

The selected scripts will auto paste into the "Save Input" dialog. if there is no selected, then all scripts in editor will paste into the dialog.

Defaultly, It will save into "Temp" file, If you select oracle tips, then the content will save into oracle tips file.

Save All SQL in opened windows

This function will auto save all opened window scripts into Temp file. The inputbox need input the title to identify this save. and the content will display in the page title when you want to get out the save(See follow Tabpage with "2014-06-04,").

Defaultly, the date will auto fill the editor, you can change it to any you want.


Get out SQL from saved...

You can get out the saved use this function. Tips will in the first page and Temp in the second page. These two page was fixed.

If you have saved use "Save all SQL" function, it will in the third page or later.

You can edit the saved contents and then save it use the "Save" button.

"Get out" button will get out content in editor and paste it into the Current Editor of PL/SQL developer.

"Get out in new window" button like "Get out" button but will new a SQL window and paste the content.

"Exit" button just close the dialog.

You can right click the list item in left and it will popup menu let you "Add new item" or "Delete item" or "Clear all item"


My defined functions

This function will popup the functions list which you created.

You can right click the list to popup the menu and select what to do, Add, Edit, Delete function.

The function script is PL/SQL script, a block statement of oracle, like follow:

-- Created on 2014-05-15 by Sailora
-- aaaaa/*bbbbb*/ccccc =>/*aaaaa*/bbbbb/*ccccc*/

  -- Local variables here
  s varchar2(2000);
  inum integer;
  s := :INSTR;
  s := Replace(s, '/*', '*-/');
  s := Replace(s, '*/', '/*');
  s := Replace(s, '*-/', '*/');
  inum := length(s)-length(lTrim(s));
  s := Lpad(' ',inum,' ')||'/*'||lTrim(s);
  inum := length(s)-length(rTrim(s));
  s := rTrim(s)||'*/'||Lpad(' ',inum,' ');
  s := Replace(s, '/**/', '');

  :OUTSTR:= s;

A demo to revert comments: aaaaa/*bbbbb*/ccccc =>/*aaaaa*/bbbbb/*ccccc*/

You can edit the function in test window to make sure it is OK and then save it into sailora.

The function has two parameters :instr and :outstr, :instr is the string what you selected in the editor, and the :outstr is the result string what will paste into editor.


Windows list color...

This function will call the dialog to change the font in windowslist of current window. But the change is temprory and is only affect the window.


Selected cells in grid

The function is a fast way to make the selected value into in list sql and paste into your current editor.


Highlight selected in Editor

To use this function, you must select one word first, then call this function will highlight all the word in editor. to cancel the highlight, select none and call the function again.

You can use this function when you call search. The search color and this highlight will also run, you can use this to compare something with clearly tagged.


Auto select and run

If there is many SQL statement in SQL window, You can call this function to auto select current SQL statement and run it, without set autoselect option of PL/SQL Developer.

You can call system execute to run all or call this function to run one.


Find current selected in Editor

To call these function, you must select one word in Editor, it will auto fill the word into system search box and call search command.

Like you input the word in Search box and click the search button.


Close all fast with no ask

This function will close PL/SQL Developer program without save confirm.

If you open many many windows and don't want to save them, Call this function will close the program immediate without any save confirm dialog display.

But if you checked the option of sailora, it will display one confirm message dialog.


Fast browse

I don't know what reason make the system "browse" so slowly to locate one object in the browse tree, but use this function will do same thing much fast.


Data Explore

DataExplore is fast mode to view table or view. Click button "Data Explore" to open data explore window, then select table or view from object browse left, the explore window will auto query the data and display the table propeties.


Generate FusionChart

Select SQL window with result data, this function will generate FusionChart with wizarder director.


Field<->Value Position

When we view SQL scripts with "insert into values" which has much columns and values, It is difficult to see which column corresponding which value. This function can help you to position them eachother.

For example, you want to know the value belongs which column, you can position the cursor in the value, then click this function button, then the tool will postion the column name and select it. And it is work to position value from column name.







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